Plenty of people jet off to Brazil every year. For many constant travelers and tourists, Brazil is a country which promises journeys filled with outstanding adventures, beautiful landscapes, lovely people and rich, colorful culture. Here are more reasons why people from all over the world count the area as one of the world’s best for traveling.

  • Capital of the country

Brazil’s capital today is Brasilia however in the olden days, the country’s capital was Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro was Brazil’s capital until 1960. Before that though, the capital of the area was Salvador. That’s three times too much some of you might think.

Changing the capital was because the Brazilian assembly was served with a bill recommending that a new capital should be produced, one that is safer and located a long distance away from the ocean where there are possibilities it will be occupied by antagonistic fleets. This bill was then approved and remained in the constitution for a long time till one President, Juscelino Kubitschek, executed the bill.

  • Gorgeous beaches

One of the most popular reasons why people keep flocking to the country is its rows of beaches. It is true that Brazilian women made the tiny bikini popular all over the world. However, it can be said that the country’s beaches are more remarkable compared to swimwear. If you will notice, a Top 10 list of popular beaches worldwide often includes some excellent Brazilian beach spots.

  • Delicious coffee

We all know that there is a wide variety of coffee out there. However, the ones from Brazil are one of the best there is. The coffee from this country has a unique quality which makes it distinctive from the rest. This can be attributed to the fact that the country is the biggest manufacturer of coffee on the planet.

Brazilian coffee has exceptional decreased acidity, and it is made using a good number of harvesting methods and dry-processing techniques. The coffee from the country comes from three abundant growing regions as well.

  • The language

The official language in the country is Portuguese, but as a fact, the Brazilian language is composed of several diverse languages. There is a high majority of English speakers in the country as well, many can understand the universal language.

Spanish takes up 10 percent on the language pie while the remaining percentages are Pacific Island and Asian languages. You can also perceive other foreign languages like Japanese, Italian, and German in the country.

  • The people

The men and women of the country are known for their beauty and exotic qualities. Brazilian natives are a loving and passionate people. They love to be in top shape, know how to have a good time, gracious and love to smile. The friendly people of the country are also one of the reasons why plenty of expatriates have settled in the country for good.

Brazil is an exciting and remarkable country that every traveler should experience. There is so much to learn about it, the area’s sounds, culture, and land are thriving and lush, you have to travel down there and experience it yourself.


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