Brazil’s carnivals are known throughout the world, and it is the most exciting event in the country. It begins unofficially during the New Year festivities. Following 12 AM and until the early morning, locals and visitors alike will dance and celebrate to the beat of various thumping carnival music until early Ash Wednesday.

Carnival is the essential festivity in the country. It is celebrated yearly in specific parts of the area, but the biggest one is held in Rio de Janeiro. The practices, costumes, and music differ based on diverse religions and heritage. Regardless, it is acclaimed in all of the country. From tiny villages down to major cities, the carnival is as big as the locals’ love for soccer.

The carnival in Brazil is an experience that you should get into because it is distinctive each passing year. It is more than the sights and sounds or themes. It refers more to that feeling of change and rejuvenation, celebrating life in that wonderful and uniquely Brazilian way.

All people are invited to the party; they can dance and play with their friends and family on the streets even without any fancy getup on. Knowing how to party though is essential so throw your cares for a while and just get into the spirit of the carnival.

Carnival in Rio

The Rio Carnival is the biggest of all carnivals in Brazil. It features a 2-day Special Group parade which is simulcast to lots of countries. Revelers get to enjoy sights like large floats bearing beautiful Brazilian ladies and celebrities dancing the samba, amazing light shows, and colorful, flashy costumes.

The festivity comes with some parades, but the most prestigious and lavish would have to be the Special Group parade. This is split into two groups—seven clubs will go on a parade on a Sunday while the remaining seven will continue the next day. The parades usually begin at 9 AM.

Before an Escola de Samba show, fireworks are set off, which thrills celebrants. Colors and an energetic vibe permeate the air as dozens of samba dancers of all ages display their moves.

The Sambodromo, which is the parade stadium, provides excellent shelter for shops and food kiosks in the city. The food is free, and you can get up to two plastic containers with drinks and two food items like a sandwich or fruit. The stadium is split into boxes, bleachers, and separate chairs. The seats come at different prices.

Carnival Tips

Many travelers go to Brazil during Carnival season so it is better if you arrange your travels as early as you possibly can. The tickets for Rio sell out fast during this time. Look for excellent hotel deals by booking early and take advantage of early bird deals.

Go to the country a few days before the festival and leave days after the event since roads, bus stations and airports will be crowded during this time.

Make sure to pack light and comfortable clothes with you since the carnival is held during the summer. It is an informal occasion as well so you do not need to pack formal clothing. A pair of comfortable shorts and a t-shirt are good enough for the parades.


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