Brazil is a wide tropical country that lies in the equator so of course, it has its share of beautiful coastlines. If you want to partake in the joys of the endless summer, you should check out the country’ top beaches. Here are some recommended areas that you need to check out!

  • Arpoador (Rio de Janeiro)

The list of the best beaches in the country often includes Arpoador. It is linked to the area’s more popular beach haunts, the Copacabana and Ipanema. This is a spot that is frequented by locals more than tourists though so there are fewer crowds swarming about. This is the spot for travelers who want to enjoy surfing in the country.

  • Lagoinha do Leste (Florianopolis in Santa Catarina)

Lagoinha do Leste is the marvel of the Florianopolis island. If you want to avoid tourists, this is the beach to go. To reach the place, you need to take a boat or a truck ride across the rainforest. Camping can be done in the area as well.

  • Praia de Fazenda (Sao Paulo)

Another area that is not in the tourist way, this is a beach that connects to a great, wide bay where you can swim snorkel and have peaceful fun in the water. There are also dolphins and whales that frequent the place so if you want to watch some aquatic animals swim by, you can do some kayaking in the area.

  • Jericoacoara (Fortaleza in Ceara)

The beach has miles and miles of sand that is reminiscent of beaches in the country. What makes it distinctive from the pack though is the presence of freshwater lagoons. The lagoons are located in the midst of sand dunes found all over the internal part of the beach.

  • Praia de Canoa Quebrada (Conoa Quebrada in Ceara)

Another Ceara gem is the Praia de Canoa Quebrada. It can be found in Canoa, which was a fishing village in the olden days. Canoa has developed its tourism and now offers lots of fun things for tourists like kite surfing, swimming, and snorkeling. It also offers a town beach which is quite immense and sandy. The waters on this coastline are quite calm and make for great water sports.

  • Atalaia (Fernando de Noronha)

Found off the country’s northeast coast is a tiny cluster of islands in which tourists are regulated stringently. If you want to enjoy lots of snorkeling and see a wide variety of aquatic life, you need to be in Atalaia. The beach has amazing, crystal-clear waters which allow you to perfectly view any sea creatures you may want to check out.

  • Alter do Chao (Para)

Ever want to go to a beach that is not near the ocean? Your wish can be realized by going to the Alter do Chao in Para. It can be found within the hub of the Amazon rainforest. This is a different kind of trip for beach lovers and a nice place for you to de-stress and eat amazing fresh seafood.

Get away from the rigors of the rat race and discover more reasons why Brazilians are beach lovers by heart. Choose a beach or two on your next trip and experience the coastal beauty that is Brazil.



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