Soccer is one of Brazil’s many passions. It is even believed to be a second religion for the many avid fans of the sport. The country’s soccer team is one of the best in the world, and it has cultivated high-ranked players.

The influence of soccer in the country is obvious in its culture. Many kids in the area grew up enjoying the sport and admiring their beloved soccer stars. The most well-known player in the country is Pele—many believe, not only citizens of the country, that Pele is the best soccer player the sport has known. Pele helped the country gather World Cups. Because of this, Brazil was known as a soccer country and to this day, still manages to churn out soccer superstars.

A Brief History of the Sport

The history of the game has in actuality, some versions. However, the originally British sport was said to have reached Brazil in the latter parts of the 19th century.

One account told of the time the Dutch and British sailors arrived in the area. The natives eventually learned how to play the game through the sailors, with the games held of the sands of northeastern beaches.

Another account explains that a certain Mr. Hugh, who many believed is the “Father of Brazilian Soccer,” introduced the game to Sao Paulo Railway workers in the early 1880s. One account though refers to an individual named Mr. John as the first guy to initiate the sport through Leopoldina Railway staff in 1875.

The most popular version though narrates that a Charles William Miller brought the sport to the country. The man was born in Brazil and eventually went to England for education. It was in the UK where he first learned the ropes of the game. The young Charles became an excellent player and won his school top honors which earned the team a spot in the Southampton Club and Hampshire County team.

As soon as he went back to Brazil in the 1890s, he carried with him some soccer equipment, his capabilities and a book of the game’s rules. He organized the first football club in the country called the Sao Paulo Athletic Club. The team achieved three championships with Miller as coach. Miller is a prodigious player that he even made his soccer move, the Chaleira. The Chaleira is still utilized by soccer players in the country, and Brazil’s soccer stars like Rivelino and Pele owe a great deal to Mr. Miller.

The very first official soccer competition in the country happened in 1894 in Sao Paulo. Charles Miller requested football teams from the UK to play against his team plus other teams in the area. By 1988, the SPAC celebrated its centennial with a tournament against the English Corinthians.

Thanks to the efforts of one Charles Miller, the country made history and put Brazil on the football map by achieving 5 World Cup wins. It is also the sole country to be accepted for 17 World Cups in the history of the game. The Brazilian soccer team is known for their accurate scores, stylish dribbles, and super-fast passes. Fans of the sport from the world over have admired the skills of these lightning-quick and crafty Brazilians. To this day, the Brazil futbol team continues to make the sport an exciting spectacle to watch.



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