Brazil’s tourism is improving yearly and now is the time for you to experience what the country has to offer. Brazil is a vast and glorious place packed full of natural sights, thousands of miles of coastlines, a sultry climate and friendly natives. Here are some of the things you need to see and experience in a country teeming with thrills.

  • The Amazon rain forest

The Amazon is the biggest nature reserve in the world. It includes 1/3 of all existing species in the world. It is also intersected by 10 of the planet’s biggest rivers which also includes the Amazon river.

  • Brazilian Carnival

One of the best festivals in the world is held in Brazil every year, which is the country’s carnival. This is a 4-day event which shifts dates each year. The Carnival begins 40 days before Brazil’s Lenten season begins.

  • Rio de Janeiro

Rio is one of the country’s largest cities and most populated areas. It is a cosmopolitan hub, and the majority of the country’s property handiworks are made here. Rio is a great place for travelers since it presents a varied selection of affordable accommodations and restaurants. The beach in this area is one of the most visited as well and is a great source of entertainment for tourists and natives alike.

  • National parks

Brazil is home to two beautiful, sprawling national parks like Bahia’s Diamantina National Park and Rio’s Tijuca National Park. Backpackers and hikers can trek on trails located within these popular wilderness spots.

Iguassu Falls, the largest series of waterfalls of the world, view from Brazilian side

  • Iguassu Falls

This is another natural wonder only found in the country. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The falls are located in an amazing subtropical forest and are composed of more than 270 falls which are more than 3 km wide and 80 meters in height.

  • Surfing

Surfing can be done in Brazil too! If you want to catch waves, do it in the south from April to October and in the north from November down to March. For more challenges, you can head to Santa Catarina Island, a hub for advanced surfers.

  • Churrascaria

If you are not vegetarian or vegan, a Brazilian trip is not complete without going to a churrascaria. The deal here is all-you-can-eat, and this type of restaurant serves a selection of fresh meats that are cut and sliced straight to your plate.

You have to use those green and red chips—the green means the meat is on its way while the red chip means you have had enough, for the time being at least.

You can also partake guarana, which is a soft drink that originated in this country. It is made of a type of berry found in the Amazon and is said to contain aphrodisiac qualities.

Brazil is indeed South America’s most exciting country. It has loads of humid jungles that you need to see, exquisite beachfronts, sophisticated metropolises, passionate peoples and the best samba and bossa nova music. Truly, this is a country that you need to experience for yourself. If you have never been drawn to the country before, now is the time to see this wonderful place in a different light.



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