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What You Need to Know About the Brazilian Portuguese Language

Learning a new language is always a thrilling enterprise. While it can be complicated at times, the rewards one gets from learning a certain language is priceless and always satisfying. If you want to do some traveling in Brazil, it pays to be familiar with the country’s official language, which is Portuguese. Here are some of the things you need to know about it.

Some Facts About Brazil’s Official Language

Portuguese is one of the leading languages that is used in the entire world. Approximately 52 million people utilize the Portuguese language. By mastering the language, you will be capable of communicating with that huge amount of individuals. Lots of people who have taken up the language discovered that it is pretty close to the Spanish language. Hence, Portuguese not only provides you the opportunity to communicate effectively with people who speak the language, but you can also express yourself with those who speak Spanish too.

The language is spoken in 11 countries on four continents. The language is also taken up by lots of people day by day. Because of this factor, countries that speak the language like Brazil are boosting camaraderie with Europe and the US in terms of the import and export trades. Thus this leads to many career opportunities for people. Learning the language undoubtedly gives people more chances in acquiring jobs.

Jobs in education is something that is open to bilingual individuals. There are also other departments that bilingual people can take advantage of like tourism and research. For instance, the UNESCO has specified that Portuguese will be the choice language for more than an approximated 335 million individuals in the future. Thus if you master the language now, it will provide you an edge over other individuals.

If you think mastering Portuguese sounds too complicated, you do not have to worry. Brazilian Portuguese is a language that is simple to learn compared to Chinese and Japanese languages. Learning the language will break open a new world and culture for you to discover. You will be able to take in the country’s culture completely. You can absorb Brazil’s music, films, theater and art more than ever due to mastery of the language.

Communication is important because it allows individuals to express themselves wholly to other individuals. If you want to travel to Brazil, knowing the basics of the language will be helpful since there will be fewer losses in translation for you. It will also allow natives to be more open to you because you found the time to know their language. You can have small talk easily with the locals and fully enjoy the local color while you are there.

There are lots of different languages around the world. However, it pays very well if you take up something that is used by millions of people. Hence if you want to learn a new language, you can begin with Brazilian Portuguese. It is easy to follow, gives you chances to communicate with a lot of people from a variety of countries, and it will also make you absorb all of such countries cultures wholly.


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Taste Delicious Brazilian Cuisine

One of the best places to try out Brazilian cuisine is in Rio de Janeiro. Rio is one of the country’s biggest cities and has a status as a fun, entertaining cosmopolitan city steeped in culture and history. The Carnival is the city’s biggest event, and it draws many tourists by the droves.

The city is also one of the very few cities in the whole globe which you can go to any time of the year. However, it is always recommended that you book a flight in advance during peak seasons like the Copacabana New Year’s Eve and carnival season to avoid travel hassles.

Food Experiences, the Rio Way

Rio is a place for foodies and eating in the city is a wonderful experience for your eyes and stomach. The city has plenty of wonderful restaurants that you need to check out. There are also cafes and snack bars with great food and the best coffees in the world. It is also worth mentioning that Brazil is the biggest coffee producer in the world—the people know their coffee and is considered as one of the tastiest and has excellent quality.

Visit areas like Copacabana, Santa Teresa, Downtown, Leblon, Leme, Urca and Ipanema for a gastronomic feast. Remember those spots if you want to partake in the rich food culture of the country. Traditional fare in the area can be discovered in lots of local restaurants. However, if you want to try out genuine homemade fare, you can look for places where locals eat. You will not have to pay top dollar for such places though compared to restaurants. The places where locals get to satisfy their gastronomic cravings often have affordable food.

Traditional fare in the city is considered rich and tasty. It is a melting pot of three cultures—Native Indians, Portuguese settlers and African slaves all made an impact on the country’s cuisine. The flavors that you taste in the city and other spots in the country is what makes Brazilian cuisine distinctive to other cuisines in South America. The dishes that you need to try out are feijoada, Carne Seca com abobora, Arroz e feijao, moqueca and bobo de camarao.

The Arroz e feijoa is a dish with a mishmash of rice and black beans. It is considered as the backbone of Rio cuisine. This is a traditional dish that is typically served with chicken, fish, meat and a salad. Feijoada meanwhile is Brazil’s national dish hence this is something you must not overlook during your gastronomic journey. The feijoada is composed of beef, pork on a black bean stew served with collard greens, manioc flour, and rice.

Another aspect of Brazilian cuisine you need to try out is the churrasco rodizio which is the country’s popular all-you-can-eat barbecue. Brazil is known for their barbecues as well, and it is represented significantly by churrasco rodizio.

Those are some of the essential dishes you need to remember if you want to partake in traditional Brazilian fare. The country has lots to offer when it comes to food, and it is a very satisfying trip that you should not pass up.   



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Soccer in Brazil

Soccer is one of Brazil’s many passions. It is even believed to be a second religion for the many avid fans of the sport. The country’s soccer team is one of the best in the world, and it has cultivated high-ranked players.

The influence of soccer in the country is obvious in its culture. Many kids in the area grew up enjoying the sport and admiring their beloved soccer stars. The most well-known player in the country is Pele—many believe, not only citizens of the country, that Pele is the best soccer player the sport has known. Pele helped the country gather World Cups. Because of this, Brazil was known as a soccer country and to this day, still manages to churn out soccer superstars.

A Brief History of the Sport

The history of the game has in actuality, some versions. However, the originally British sport was said to have reached Brazil in the latter parts of the 19th century.

One account told of the time the Dutch and British sailors arrived in the area. The natives eventually learned how to play the game through the sailors, with the games held of the sands of northeastern beaches.

Another account explains that a certain Mr. Hugh, who many believed is the “Father of Brazilian Soccer,” introduced the game to Sao Paulo Railway workers in the early 1880s. One account though refers to an individual named Mr. John as the first guy to initiate the sport through Leopoldina Railway staff in 1875.

The most popular version though narrates that a Charles William Miller brought the sport to the country. The man was born in Brazil and eventually went to England for education. It was in the UK where he first learned the ropes of the game. The young Charles became an excellent player and won his school top honors which earned the team a spot in the Southampton Club and Hampshire County team.

As soon as he went back to Brazil in the 1890s, he carried with him some soccer equipment, his capabilities and a book of the game’s rules. He organized the first football club in the country called the Sao Paulo Athletic Club. The team achieved three championships with Miller as coach. Miller is a prodigious player that he even made his soccer move, the Chaleira. The Chaleira is still utilized by soccer players in the country, and Brazil’s soccer stars like Rivelino and Pele owe a great deal to Mr. Miller.

The very first official soccer competition in the country happened in 1894 in Sao Paulo. Charles Miller requested football teams from the UK to play against his team plus other teams in the area. By 1988, the SPAC celebrated its centennial with a tournament against the English Corinthians.

Thanks to the efforts of one Charles Miller, the country made history and put Brazil on the football map by achieving 5 World Cup wins. It is also the sole country to be accepted for 17 World Cups in the history of the game. The Brazilian soccer team is known for their accurate scores, stylish dribbles, and super-fast passes. Fans of the sport from the world over have admired the skills of these lightning-quick and crafty Brazilians. To this day, the Brazil futbol team continues to make the sport an exciting spectacle to watch.



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The Rio de Janeiro Carnival: The Thing to Beat

Brazil’s carnivals are known throughout the world, and it is the most exciting event in the country. It begins unofficially during the New Year festivities. Following 12 AM and until the early morning, locals and visitors alike will dance and celebrate to the beat of various thumping carnival music until early Ash Wednesday.

Carnival is the essential festivity in the country. It is celebrated yearly in specific parts of the area, but the biggest one is held in Rio de Janeiro. The practices, costumes, and music differ based on diverse religions and heritage. Regardless, it is acclaimed in all of the country. From tiny villages down to major cities, the carnival is as big as the locals’ love for soccer.

The carnival in Brazil is an experience that you should get into because it is distinctive each passing year. It is more than the sights and sounds or themes. It refers more to that feeling of change and rejuvenation, celebrating life in that wonderful and uniquely Brazilian way.

All people are invited to the party; they can dance and play with their friends and family on the streets even without any fancy getup on. Knowing how to party though is essential so throw your cares for a while and just get into the spirit of the carnival.

Carnival in Rio

The Rio Carnival is the biggest of all carnivals in Brazil. It features a 2-day Special Group parade which is simulcast to lots of countries. Revelers get to enjoy sights like large floats bearing beautiful Brazilian ladies and celebrities dancing the samba, amazing light shows, and colorful, flashy costumes.

The festivity comes with some parades, but the most prestigious and lavish would have to be the Special Group parade. This is split into two groups—seven clubs will go on a parade on a Sunday while the remaining seven will continue the next day. The parades usually begin at 9 AM.

Before an Escola de Samba show, fireworks are set off, which thrills celebrants. Colors and an energetic vibe permeate the air as dozens of samba dancers of all ages display their moves.

The Sambodromo, which is the parade stadium, provides excellent shelter for shops and food kiosks in the city. The food is free, and you can get up to two plastic containers with drinks and two food items like a sandwich or fruit. The stadium is split into boxes, bleachers, and separate chairs. The seats come at different prices.

Carnival Tips

Many travelers go to Brazil during Carnival season so it is better if you arrange your travels as early as you possibly can. The tickets for Rio sell out fast during this time. Look for excellent hotel deals by booking early and take advantage of early bird deals.

Go to the country a few days before the festival and leave days after the event since roads, bus stations and airports will be crowded during this time.

Make sure to pack light and comfortable clothes with you since the carnival is held during the summer. It is an informal occasion as well so you do not need to pack formal clothing. A pair of comfortable shorts and a t-shirt are good enough for the parades.


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Settling For Good in Brazil

Brazil is a vast, exciting place rich with history, a warm and passionate people and colorful culture. Reasons why plenty of foreigners who have visited the country decided just to settle there permanently. Brazil is one of the biggest countries in the world and is believed to have a fast-developing economy. Here are some of the essentials you need to know about the place in case you are interested in staying there.

  • Weather

Whenever talk about South America comes up, we usually think of a tropical climate for the whole continent. However, interestingly, you could sense five diverse climates in Brazil. The country often experiences tropical, subtropical, temperament, equatorial and semiarid climates.

  • Economy

Brazil is a huge country however it only rates at 64th place worldwide regarding GDP. This is due to political instability in the past as lots of specialists deem that in the end the economy of the country can turn into one of the five biggest worldwide. The likelihood for economic progress in the long-term and the rise of global investors are putting the country in a positive light once more.

  • Transportation

Even though the country has seen its fair share of troubled times in the past, earlier governments did invest lots of finances into internal transport networks. Because of this, Brazil has sizable infra from more than 2 million kilometers of road, a reliable rail network and more than 2500 airports. It makes traveling all over the country accessible and more practical, hence luring in lots of investors, tourists and expats alike.

  • Primary cities

Major cities in the country include Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, and Sao Paulo. Even though the cost of living has increased in these cities over the years, living in these areas are still comparatively cheaper compared to places in the UK or Tokyo.

  • Ecotourism

One of the best things about the country is its ecotourism. The Amazon for one is an experience that all nature travelers should get into. The Amazon is a wide, lush place that is teeming with flora and fauna that can only be found in the area. It is also home to Brazil’s many indigenous cultures and tribes.

Brazil has one of the top beach spots in the world as well. This is a beach country—people are passionate about their coastlines, not only soccer. All year round, you will find scads of locals just enjoying their time by the surf, tanning, swimming or just walking by. Brazil is also home to the tiny bikini, a classic marvel that started in this very country.

There was a time Brazil was considered a no-go zone by lots of expatriates and investors. Its history consists of political volatility, massive corruption, and economic troubles. However, this is all in the past for today; we are seeing a very different Brazil. This is a positive country that is looking up and has excellent potential for progress. Moving to the country makes for remarkable adventures and experiences like no other, you have to try it out yourself.   


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Why Travel to Brazil: Some Interesting Facts About This Exciting Country

Plenty of people jet off to Brazil every year. For many constant travelers and tourists, Brazil is a country which promises journeys filled with outstanding adventures, beautiful landscapes, lovely people and rich, colorful culture. Here are more reasons why people from all over the world count the area as one of the world’s best for traveling.

  • Capital of the country

Brazil’s capital today is Brasilia however in the olden days, the country’s capital was Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro was Brazil’s capital until 1960. Before that though, the capital of the area was Salvador. That’s three times too much some of you might think.

Changing the capital was because the Brazilian assembly was served with a bill recommending that a new capital should be produced, one that is safer and located a long distance away from the ocean where there are possibilities it will be occupied by antagonistic fleets. This bill was then approved and remained in the constitution for a long time till one President, Juscelino Kubitschek, executed the bill.

  • Gorgeous beaches

One of the most popular reasons why people keep flocking to the country is its rows of beaches. It is true that Brazilian women made the tiny bikini popular all over the world. However, it can be said that the country’s beaches are more remarkable compared to swimwear. If you will notice, a Top 10 list of popular beaches worldwide often includes some excellent Brazilian beach spots.

  • Delicious coffee

We all know that there is a wide variety of coffee out there. However, the ones from Brazil are one of the best there is. The coffee from this country has a unique quality which makes it distinctive from the rest. This can be attributed to the fact that the country is the biggest manufacturer of coffee on the planet.

Brazilian coffee has exceptional decreased acidity, and it is made using a good number of harvesting methods and dry-processing techniques. The coffee from the country comes from three abundant growing regions as well.

  • The language

The official language in the country is Portuguese, but as a fact, the Brazilian language is composed of several diverse languages. There is a high majority of English speakers in the country as well, many can understand the universal language.

Spanish takes up 10 percent on the language pie while the remaining percentages are Pacific Island and Asian languages. You can also perceive other foreign languages like Japanese, Italian, and German in the country.

  • The people

The men and women of the country are known for their beauty and exotic qualities. Brazilian natives are a loving and passionate people. They love to be in top shape, know how to have a good time, gracious and love to smile. The friendly people of the country are also one of the reasons why plenty of expatriates have settled in the country for good.

Brazil is an exciting and remarkable country that every traveler should experience. There is so much to learn about it, the area’s sounds, culture, and land are thriving and lush, you have to travel down there and experience it yourself.


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Areas of Interest in Brazil for Travelers

Brazil is a sizable country. It is the fifth biggest country on the planet. There are so many beautiful places to go, sights to see and activities to get into that it will take around two months just to partake all of what the country has to offer. Hence, if you are planning a trip to the country, you need to pick your priorities and concentrate on the potentials.

To begin, you need to know more about the five primary areas of the country, the sights and experiences they offer then you can take it from there.

  • Bahia

Bahia is known for its historical cities, the colony-era monuments and Afro-Brazilian influences. The place is teeming with virgin coastlines, old-fashioned villages and urban seascapes. The heart of the area is home to lots of natural marvels and is the place to be for travelers who are into Eco-tourism. Salvador is Bahia’s center, and it usually takes up to 7 days for travelers to see all sights.

  • North coast

The northern coasts of the country are composed of cities by the ocean. The area is popular with tourists due to its coastlines—it has crystal-clear and warm waters which amaze casual beach hoppers and avid snorkelers alike. Most travelers journey from one top spot to another. Checking out the sights in this region can take 10-20 days.

  • Amazon and Pantanal

If you are a nature traveler, it is a must for you to visit the Amazon and Pantanal. Travelers often go by boat excursions or a guided tour of the river. Belem and Manaus provide plenty of lodging and accommodations so you won’t have any problems with places to stay in the area. Pantanal also offers guided tours and privately owned nature reserves that tourists can check out. You can check out all sites in these areas within five days.

  • Southeast

These areas are the country’s most populous. The southeast side of the country includes three of Brazil’s five biggest cities which are Sao Paulo, Rio and Belo Horizonte. While it is sad that these areas give the country its rather bad reputation, it is rich when it comes to history; it has exquisite architecture due to Sao Paulo’s coffee boom period and the country’s foremost gold rush towns like Tiradentes and Ouro Preto.

The areas also present some national parks and the gorgeous beaches in the country like the Ilhabel and Ilha Grande islands plus the port town called Paraty. As advice, do travel the main spots and make use of reliable transportation. Checking the areas can be accomplished within 10-14 days max.

  • South

This area has plenty of immigrants from Italy and Germany. The south is a melting pot of diverse cultures. Discover German-style architecture in places like Brusque, Joinville, and Pomerode. You can also check out Argentinian architecture throughout the Emerald Coast down to Rio Grande do Sul.

The region is popular for its remarkable national parks, beautiful waterfalls, and rural villages. Lots of travelers go to the south of Brazil for its inland villages and wonderful beaches. A journey in this region will take you 10-20 days max.



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Affordable Brazil Journey Tips

Brazil is progressing highly when it comes to its economy. The country is booming and its tourism rates high among travelers too—it offers lots of eco-tourism unseen in other countries. However, is it possible to experience the sights and sounds of the country on a limited budget? It is possible—all you need to do is read this article and remember our suggestions.

Plan your trip well

The rule here is if you have a limited budget, you do need to do some meticulous preparations. Plan what you need to see and do in the country; focus on the spots you want to check out and activities you are interested in. You need to know the transportation means and accommodations in the country in order to save money. If you want a great overview of Brazil travel information, you can check out Lonely Planet Brazil.

Brazil does have a great string of hostels where travelers and backpackers can stay for a few nights. If you want to look for more affordable accommodations, you need to look around online. Try checking out more than two places and inquire about the price per night and the facilities they offer. In this regard, you will be aware which among those places will give the most excellent value for your money.

It also pays to check out accommodations a few streets back near those top hotels guidebooks recommend. Remember the closer these accommodations are to key tourist spots, the more expensive they can be. Sure, you will be required to walk or ride for several minutes before reaching the tourist spot, but it will save you dollars on accommodations.

Food and sustenance

If you want to cut costs, you can save on food instead. One neat trick is to keep away from restaurants and opt for local markets. This is an affordable way to try out the country’s street foods. Barbecue is a popular dish in the country, and local markets always serve the best barbecue. However, if you do want to treat yourself to a restaurant meal without the excessive bill, you can opt for restaurants that present set menus—you can have an affordable 2-3 course meal that satisfies compared to the costs of a regular meal.

Try bartering

All well-seasoned travelers know how to barter. It is a great method to save money during a trip. One efficient way to practice this method is to guarantee that you maintain a cheerful and cheeky but not rude and demanding negotiation. Remember not to fool sellers because remember, their job is their steady source of income.

Ship your souvenirs home instead

If you want to spend most of your money on souvenirs for your Brazil trip, and you have a rather sizable amount to haul, you can save money by having them shipped home instead. Shipping expenses are low compared to the fees you need to dole out for airports or making use of DHL. It might take approximately three months for the packages to arrive at your home but because you are on a trip, there is no need to rush.

Travel by way of night bus

If you want to save up on hostel money, you can instead opt for a night bus. While you might not sleep peacefully compared to resting on a bed, the expenses you can save by taking this option is considerable.   


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