Learning a new language is always a thrilling enterprise. While it can be complicated at times, the rewards one gets from learning a certain language is priceless and always satisfying. If you want to do some traveling in Brazil, it pays to be familiar with the country’s official language, which is Portuguese. Here are some of the things you need to know about it.

Some Facts About Brazil’s Official Language

Portuguese is one of the leading languages that is used in the entire world. Approximately 52 million people utilize the Portuguese language. By mastering the language, you will be capable of communicating with that huge amount of individuals. Lots of people who have taken up the language discovered that it is pretty close to the Spanish language. Hence, Portuguese not only provides you the opportunity to communicate effectively with people who speak the language, but you can also express yourself with those who speak Spanish too.

The language is spoken in 11 countries on four continents. The language is also taken up by lots of people day by day. Because of this factor, countries that speak the language like Brazil are boosting camaraderie with Europe and the US in terms of the import and export trades. Thus this leads to many career opportunities for people. Learning the language undoubtedly gives people more chances in acquiring jobs.

Jobs in education is something that is open to bilingual individuals. There are also other departments that bilingual people can take advantage of like tourism and research. For instance, the UNESCO has specified that Portuguese will be the choice language for more than an approximated 335 million individuals in the future. Thus if you master the language now, it will provide you an edge over other individuals.

If you think mastering Portuguese sounds too complicated, you do not have to worry. Brazilian Portuguese is a language that is simple to learn compared to Chinese and Japanese languages. Learning the language will break open a new world and culture for you to discover. You will be able to take in the country’s culture completely. You can absorb Brazil’s music, films, theater and art more than ever due to mastery of the language.

Communication is important because it allows individuals to express themselves wholly to other individuals. If you want to travel to Brazil, knowing the basics of the language will be helpful since there will be fewer losses in translation for you. It will also allow natives to be more open to you because you found the time to know their language. You can have small talk easily with the locals and fully enjoy the local color while you are there.

There are lots of different languages around the world. However, it pays very well if you take up something that is used by millions of people. Hence if you want to learn a new language, you can begin with Brazilian Portuguese. It is easy to follow, gives you chances to communicate with a lot of people from a variety of countries, and it will also make you absorb all of such countries cultures wholly.


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