Brazil is a sizable country. It is the fifth biggest country on the planet. There are so many beautiful places to go, sights to see and activities to get into that it will take around two months just to partake all of what the country has to offer. Hence, if you are planning a trip to the country, you need to pick your priorities and concentrate on the potentials.

To begin, you need to know more about the five primary areas of the country, the sights and experiences they offer then you can take it from there.

  • Bahia

Bahia is known for its historical cities, the colony-era monuments and Afro-Brazilian influences. The place is teeming with virgin coastlines, old-fashioned villages and urban seascapes. The heart of the area is home to lots of natural marvels and is the place to be for travelers who are into Eco-tourism. Salvador is Bahia’s center, and it usually takes up to 7 days for travelers to see all sights.

  • North coast

The northern coasts of the country are composed of cities by the ocean. The area is popular with tourists due to its coastlines—it has crystal-clear and warm waters which amaze casual beach hoppers and avid snorkelers alike. Most travelers journey from one top spot to another. Checking out the sights in this region can take 10-20 days.

  • Amazon and Pantanal

If you are a nature traveler, it is a must for you to visit the Amazon and Pantanal. Travelers often go by boat excursions or a guided tour of the river. Belem and Manaus provide plenty of lodging and accommodations so you won’t have any problems with places to stay in the area. Pantanal also offers guided tours and privately owned nature reserves that tourists can check out. You can check out all sites in these areas within five days.

  • Southeast

These areas are the country’s most populous. The southeast side of the country includes three of Brazil’s five biggest cities which are Sao Paulo, Rio and Belo Horizonte. While it is sad that these areas give the country its rather bad reputation, it is rich when it comes to history; it has exquisite architecture due to Sao Paulo’s coffee boom period and the country’s foremost gold rush towns like Tiradentes and Ouro Preto.

The areas also present some national parks and the gorgeous beaches in the country like the Ilhabel and Ilha Grande islands plus the port town called Paraty. As advice, do travel the main spots and make use of reliable transportation. Checking the areas can be accomplished within 10-14 days max.

  • South

This area has plenty of immigrants from Italy and Germany. The south is a melting pot of diverse cultures. Discover German-style architecture in places like Brusque, Joinville, and Pomerode. You can also check out Argentinian architecture throughout the Emerald Coast down to Rio Grande do Sul.

The region is popular for its remarkable national parks, beautiful waterfalls, and rural villages. Lots of travelers go to the south of Brazil for its inland villages and wonderful beaches. A journey in this region will take you 10-20 days max.



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