Brazil is progressing highly when it comes to its economy. The country is booming and its tourism rates high among travelers too—it offers lots of eco-tourism unseen in other countries. However, is it possible to experience the sights and sounds of the country on a limited budget? It is possible—all you need to do is read this article and remember our suggestions.

Plan your trip well

The rule here is if you have a limited budget, you do need to do some meticulous preparations. Plan what you need to see and do in the country; focus on the spots you want to check out and activities you are interested in. You need to know the transportation means and accommodations in the country in order to save money. If you want a great overview of Brazil travel information, you can check out Lonely Planet Brazil.

Brazil does have a great string of hostels where travelers and backpackers can stay for a few nights. If you want to look for more affordable accommodations, you need to look around online. Try checking out more than two places and inquire about the price per night and the facilities they offer. In this regard, you will be aware which among those places will give the most excellent value for your money.

It also pays to check out accommodations a few streets back near those top hotels guidebooks recommend. Remember the closer these accommodations are to key tourist spots, the more expensive they can be. Sure, you will be required to walk or ride for several minutes before reaching the tourist spot, but it will save you dollars on accommodations.

Food and sustenance

If you want to cut costs, you can save on food instead. One neat trick is to keep away from restaurants and opt for local markets. This is an affordable way to try out the country’s street foods. Barbecue is a popular dish in the country, and local markets always serve the best barbecue. However, if you do want to treat yourself to a restaurant meal without the excessive bill, you can opt for restaurants that present set menus—you can have an affordable 2-3 course meal that satisfies compared to the costs of a regular meal.

Try bartering

All well-seasoned travelers know how to barter. It is a great method to save money during a trip. One efficient way to practice this method is to guarantee that you maintain a cheerful and cheeky but not rude and demanding negotiation. Remember not to fool sellers because remember, their job is their steady source of income.

Ship your souvenirs home instead

If you want to spend most of your money on souvenirs for your Brazil trip, and you have a rather sizable amount to haul, you can save money by having them shipped home instead. Shipping expenses are low compared to the fees you need to dole out for airports or making use of DHL. It might take approximately three months for the packages to arrive at your home but because you are on a trip, there is no need to rush.

Travel by way of night bus

If you want to save up on hostel money, you can instead opt for a night bus. While you might not sleep peacefully compared to resting on a bed, the expenses you can save by taking this option is considerable.   


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